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GunSlinger - The Fast Gun

Sviluppatore GAMEANAX

1 /100 sec Speed ​​Battle!!!Gunslinger how to shoot accurately than before assembly and paint bullet relative to the total relative Confrontation game.
[Various modes]Ranking Matches for obtaining the user through the confrontation between pointsTime Attack match clocking rapidly assemble different types of shotTraining mode to grow the individual's abilityYou can follow your friends and battle mode
[Various characters]Full of character and personalityOwn character development through a unique passive skill
[Variety of air soft gun]Negative real total of assembling and assembly!Full implementation of the hands of the gun
[Growth System]Complement my weaknesses and strengths of the system that will grow stronger!
[Revenge System]Reporting the challenge again, unfortunately, just do not give up.To make a point system that doubles Revenge opponent!
[When I am not a GHOST system]Instead of my usual record is automatically Ranking MatchesGhost system to proceed